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McMillan Woods Global is a global network or association of independent local and regional firms.

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Our services are well recognized and trusted by financial institutions and authorities.

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McMillan Woods International is a global network of chartered accountants and business advisors.








McMillan Woods provides clients with an extensive and personalised range of integrated services.


Each and every member firm of McMillan Woods tailors their accounting services to meet their clients’ requirements as we appreciate that every client’s requirements differ from one to the other.

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Audit assurance

Where an audit assurance exercise is required, our systematic approach is designed to add value to our clients’ businesses and produce positive benefits from our procedures.

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Business recovery & insolvency

In the ever-changing commercial circumstances, we have identified the needs which many businesses require for sound advice to improve procedures, systems or their structure to increase profitability or liquidity and turn over a declining business from an otherwise unavoidable insolvency position.

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Companies secretarial services

At McMillan Woods, we have specialists who are well placed to advise on all pertinent issues relating to company formation and we can set up any of the following: Ready made companies; and/or Tailored to clients’ specific requirements.

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Corporate governance & risk management

At McMillan Woods, we aim to prepare organisations for the evolving corporate governance, risk management and internal audit regime.

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Corporate finance

At McMillan Woods, we have considerable experience in mergers and acquisitions, sales and management buy-outs and related specialist services. Our personalised service ensures we assist our clients achieve their overall goals.

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Corporate training & seminars

We conduct corporate training and seminars to include key director development programmes, mainly focusing on the key management subjects.

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Due diligence exercise

No business deal should go ahead without a proper due diligence exercise – a process that checks the target is all it claims to be or what it should be!

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Financial services

At McMillan Woods, our approach is refreshingly straightforward. We think like a client and put your priorities first. As you will appreciate, the world of financial services can be rather complex and somewhat confusing.

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Immigration services

Migration of both professionals and skilled workers is fast growing around the globe. To meet this rising demand, we have through our associated companies assist on a wide range of immigration services

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Internal audit

At McMillan Woods, we strongly believe that with the ever-changing landscape of the business environment, the “internal audit” function can no longer retain the traditional, transaction-based role.

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International business

Whether you are expanding internationally or establishing a business within the country, McMillan Woods can assist with a range of high quality, tailor-made and integrated services.

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Mergers & acquisitions

In the current global challenging environment, it is often advocated that sometimes the only way to achieve swift growth is to acquire or merge with an existing business.

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Offshore set-up

“Offshoring” is defined as the movement of a business process done at a company in one jurisdiction to the same or another jurisdiction in another different country.

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Very often than not, clients need assistance managing their day-to-day accounting functions hence if you and/or your staff spend long hours each day on mundane tasks, your time so spent may no longer be “income” productive.

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Start-up business

When starting up a business, many would-be entrepreneurs rarely give enough thought to choosing the best business vehicle.

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Succession planning

At McMillan Woods, we advise our clients to consider whether they should sell the business or pass it down through the family as both routes require proper and systematic long-term strategic planning.

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Taxation advisory

At McMillan Woods, we ensure that our clients are aware of all pertinent deadlines. Our tax return services covering company, personal, trust and estate schemes remove the inconvenience and risk of filing tax returns incorrectly.

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Trademark registration

When considering trademarks, it is important to understand that the concept of Trademark Protection extends to the provision of services as well as physical goods and brand names.

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The specialist area of business and share valuation can be somewhat complex and convoluted if not worrying if clients’ dealings in this subject matter have not been all-embracing.

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