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    The UK pension system is in a diabolical state. Deficits. Legislation Changes.
    BREXIT. Lack of Flexibility. Anyone, regardless of how safe they deem
    their pension should be reviewing their benefits.
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    Who’s right for you?
    We have access to the best financial advisory’s that the industry has to offer.
    It’s just a question of who fits your needs. Let us find someone perfect for you....
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    Let us connect you to the perfect advisory..
    The Basics and Above. Any good financial Advisor performs a holistic review
    starting with how you are protected, and then works their way towards
    how they can make you money for the long term. However, what’s really
    important is that they eliminate all of the options until it’s narrowed
    down to the perfect strategy for you!....

How we can help you

At Linked-World we connect you to the Connected.

After years of switching and changing financial advisors, we believe it’s important to find the right people from the start. We rule out the advisory’s that we don’t trust, and take you to the door -step of reputable, regulated, professional companies that will provide solution to the financial problems of today..


As the UK Pension system evolves, so do the limitations that lie within the structure of what we all previous deemed as a ‘Gold plated pension’. When news spread that the UK Pension minister Ros Altmann had transferred her pension out of the traditional Defined Benefit Scheme (Final Salary), it spiked ears for anyone that had worked in the UK.
Find out why Ros, and majority of the UK have started looking at other ways to maximise their retirement money.

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Financial Recovery

With certain regions having a lack of regulation, we find that people that have previously transferred their pensions are now in a position where they have either seen multiple advisors, or they have completely lost contact. Regardless of size, we believe that whether it’s £10,000 or £10,000,000 money is money and the service of the capital is what is important.
A client is for life, Not just for commission.

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Sometimes too many options can often be a headache. We narrow down the searching for you and find the right people to tailor their approach, in order to fit your current and future financial situations. Let us review the multiple options for you, and put what is relevant in front of you.

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About Us

An unbiased, 3rd party financial reviewing agency, reimbursing the value of financial faith…

At Linked-World we understand that in this day and age, financial consulting can often be a sensitive subject, especially after the severity of the last financial crash. Specialising in UK pension independence, we refer all of our clients to who we deem as 'fit to practice'​. Whether you are returning home, retiring abroad, high or low income earners, or even just wanting some form of review on your financial situation, there are multiple companies out there that suit different needs, wants, and goals for different individuals. - We narrow down that choice.

Previously Received bad advice?

" We help clients that are unsatisfied with their existing financial advisors in finding a financial advisor that caters for all the clients needs..

Are you spoilt for choice?

With 1000’s of global financial advisors, all specialising in similar areas, it becomes almost inpossible to narrow it down to a company that fits the reputation, the size, and the investment knowledge that you deserve.

Why we do this?

Without us, people with financial requirements are forced into making decisions that may not be right. You might not realise, but more often than not in the hands of the wrong financial advisor, you can become a victim of ill advice.

Many thanks

What can you gain by transferring your UK pension?

The foundation of any good advice starts off with the full 360 and doesn’t end until your goals are met. It’s time to look past the horizon, and ask yourself;

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