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Welcome to Santhi Bhavan

Center for Study and Promotion of psychosocial rehabilitation

Santhi Bhavan a professional mental health and well being centre established in the year 2000 under Santhi Charitable Society. We believe that mental well being fosters healthy socail constructs and holisttic well being of individuals. The centre offers psychological interventions for various mental health issues. It also actively contributes in the field of rehabilitation and promotes mental health awareness through training programmes.

Our Services

Santhi Clinic

Avails service in diagnosing, treating the patients and providing Therapies for clinically affected patients......

Family Counseling Centre

Santhi Family Counseling Centre provides family therapy,guidance and orientation to parents and couples....

Education Counseling

Education Counseling is a programme developed for diagnosing disabilities,poor scholastic skills and behavioral.....

Rehabilitation Centre

Santhi Rehabilitation Centre named as Jeeva Vihar provides short term rehabilitation facility for the patients......

Group Therapy

The centre provides group therapy for relegious, students, teachers and other professionals.

Promotional of Mental Health

Training, Courses and Seminars on various aspects of mental health and well beeing.

Helping you smile again

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