Teal Telecom is brought to you by is a way of making regular phone calls over a Broadband High Speed Internet connection instead of a regular telephone line. With VoIP, there are no unexplained taxes and service charges, or expensive monthly fees and lots of great features come standard.

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Teal Telecom offers Wholesale VoIP Termination Services and market proven Wholesale Voice Services.VoIP routes are very important in the VoIP business, GHI is an A-Z Wholesale VoIP Service Provider offering comprehensive range of plans for Telecom business of any size from a Top-end carrier to an emerging communication service provider


Our reseller Voice / SMS program is the best business opportunity to enter in the telecom sector.White label/Private label your brand, Start business without investment, Build your network, we take care the rest, Customization product packages, Highly stable business opportunity


we focuses on developing All kind of communicate software and custom made solutions.


We provides reliable support services offering top class infrastructure with advanced technology to ensure stable operations 365 days a year as per your current business for your better future

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