About Us

Welcome to Vidhya Dharshan

Vidhyadarshan was established on 1st June, 2015. The Department of Education in the Diocese of Calicut aiming the coordination of the Educational Apostolate of the Diocese through Parish Education Forums and Educational Institutions. It intends to impart value based education and focuses on moulding our new generation to create confident, competent and ….. and socially matured individuals who will always be an asset to the society and the world they live in.

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Vidhya Dharshan : Educational Empowerment by Archdiocese of Verapoly.

To impart value based education, proficient training and guidance in career growth to the younger generation, who will always be an asset to the society.


General Education

Provide a relevant and coherent general education for all the students. Assess student learning outcomes in scientific or critical and quantitative reasoning.


Career Programs

Provide career programs to prepare students to enter the workforce and meet workforce needs.


Developmental Education

Provide developmental or remedial education for underprepared or underperforming students.


Student Support Service

Provide appropriate services for all the students to ensure success throughout their education career with Educational Consultancy, Counselling, Scholarships, Grants, Loans etc.

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Our Vision

A value oriented society where wisdom and knowledge flourishes for Peace, Love and Justice.

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Our Mission

To Impart value based education, proficient training and guidance to the younger generation for a healthy society.

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Our Motto

“Together Towards Tomorrow” with emphasis on molding their personality to create confident, competent and morally and socially mature individuals.